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Welcome to the Kiddix Computing support site.

We make every effort to ensure our products are top quality and easy to use, but understand problems do occur.

If you are having issues with any of our products please review the FAQ on this page.  If the FAQ doesn't solve your problem, please join our discussion forums and ask for help.  Our staff participates on the forums.

If you have a non-technical comment or question, feel free to contact us.

Current Kiddix Software version: 1.0.74
Release date: 10/23/2012

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Kiddix Installation and Quickstart Guide
Installation - Option 1 or 2: Which is right for me?
How do I "boot off the Kiddix CD-ROM" to begin installation?
Kiddix PC QuickStart Guide

3rd Party Software Installation Guide

Windows Vista™ Installation Guide -- for orders placed before 2/14/08

Kiddix Platform - Frequently asked Questions:

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Kiddix PC - Safe children's computer

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