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Kiddix Computing provides safe and fun software for families

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Kiddix Platform - computing platform for children

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Kiddix, the power of computing for kids!

Kiddix offers your family several key benefits:
  • Kiddix is designed from the ground up with your family's needs and safety in mind.  Kiddix provides for children ages 4-11 an entertaining environment which includes: a word processor, calendar, email, web browser, educational material, games, a separate account for each child, and a suite of innovative parental controls and monitoring tools.  It is estimated that building a comparable system using traditional PC software would cost well over $700 and not include any games or educational material.

  • Kiddix is hassle free for parents - translation: Kiddix is simple to set up!

  • Kiddix is designed to keep your children secure.  From day one we chose to base out software on Linux and open source software because the threat of viruses, malware, worms, and spyware is almost non-existent.  This is compared to a traditional PC operating system, which is constantly bombarded by hundreds of thousands of pieces of malware.

  • Kiddix creates a brick wall between your data and your children.  Your child will not be able to access any files outside his or her own account inside the Kiddix Platform, making the system much more secure.

  • Kiddix can be installed on most PC's and next to your current operating system, so there is no need for extra hardware to be lying around.  See our system requirements.

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