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Kiddix, the power of computing for kids!


Kiddix PC - The computer for kids!
Kiddix PC pictured
LCD monitor
(monitor not included)

Setting up a safe and educational PC for your children is now as simple as plugging it in!

The Kiddix PC is a complete children's computing experience -- preloaded with our Kiddix Platform software, the Kiddix PC meets all your children's computing needs.

From school to play to safe internet fun, Kiddix is the solution for children's computing.

We designed the Kiddix PC with two goals in mind:
  • Make it as easy as possible to keep your children safe on a computer
  • Keep it as affordable as possible
The Kiddix PC is built from the same hardware as the newly available Shuttle KPC -- a light weight, environmentally green computer.  We take advantage of this affordable package to provide your children with a brand new safe computer that is easy on the wallet.


The Kiddix PC is currently sold out and is unavailable.  We don't have any plans to bring it back due to limited hardware availability, however,  you can contact us for a recommendation on where to purchase a similar PC or netbook bundled with Kiddix.

What you get:

The Kiddix PC is a complete PC computer that can plug into any monitor, mouse, and keyboard -- just like your current computer.  Each Kiddix PC comes bundled with the Kiddix Platform, our revolutionary operating system for kids.  The Kiddix Platform includes dozens of
applications, games, educational programs, and more, all protected by strong parental controls.

In Kiddix, your
children can access all their favorite web sites and online games while inside an environment built for their needs, and gives each parent control over what they can and can't do on the computer.

Read how the Kiddix software can benefit your family.

Purchasing Options:

The Kiddix PC is available in a number of purchasing options:

Kiddix PC (standalone)

 The Kiddix PC without any additional hardware.  This option is ideal if you have a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to plug into the Kiddix PC.

List Price: $285.00
Sale Price: $265.00
(Save 23%)

Click to order today!
Kiddix PC - Complete with parental controls

Order a Kiddix PC

Kiddix PC + peripherals

 The Kiddix PC, complete with peripherals.  This option is ideal if you want a new monitor, keyboard, and mouse for your Kiddix PC.

List Price: $564.00
Sale Price: $544.00

Click to order today!
Complete kids computer

Order a Kiddix PC

System specifications:

Shuttle K45 barebones system
Processor: Intel Celeron 420
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Hard drive: Western Digital - 80 GB - SATA
Graphics: Intel GMA 950
Audio: Realtek ALC662 5.1 Channel High Definition
Internet: Marvell 88E8056 Gigabit
Ethernet adapter
4 USB ports on rear panel
Printer port on rear panel

For additional information on hardware specifications, please visit Shuttle USA.

Additional notes:
  • Any monitor or display that is plugged into the Kiddix PC must support either 1280x1024 or 1024x768 resolution.

  • The Kiddix PC does not include a CD-ROM drive.

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Kiddix PC - Safe children's computer

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