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Kiddix Products - linux operating system for children and educational magazine content
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Kiddix Platform - computing platform for children

Kiddix World Media - Educational Magazine for Kids

Kiddix Flash demo - the operating system for kids

Kiddix World sample issue, back to school

Kiddix, the power of computing for kids!

Kiddix World Media - Educational content direct to your kids PC

Kiddix World Educational Interactive Magazine Sample Issue

At Kiddix Computing we take every precaution possible to keep inappropriate content from reaching your child, but we don't stop there...

Kiddix World brings the best of the internet and the world to your child's desktop on a regular basis.  Every month approved content will be downloaded to your child's desktop in the form of a monthly themed magazine.

We work with developmental psychologists to ensure that the content we bring to your children is of the highest quality.

The goal of Kiddix World Media is to reduce the need for your child to be on the internet.

We bring direct to your children an exciting new look at topics ranging from science to reading, different cultures, sports, activities on and off the computer, art, music, and future careers...  and we are always expanding our offerings.

Kiddix World goes beyond a typical children's magazine.  Each article is full of interactive illustrations and enhanced by pre-approved web content.

New issues of Kiddix World are not currently being produced, however, all previous issues are available to all customers free of charge as an addon to the Kiddix operating system!  There is a chance that we might bring this service back in the future, so if your family enjoys the value provided let us know!

To see more, take a look inside our sample issues!

Issue #8 - May 2008
Issue #8 - May 2008

The Aztecs

(click cover to start)

Issue #7 - April 2008
Issue #7 - April 2008


(click cover to start)

Issue #6 - February 2008
Issue #6 - February / March 2008

Valentine's Day / St. Patrick's Day

(click cover to start)

Issue #5 - January 2008
Issue #5 - January 2008


(click cover to start)

Issue #4 - December 2007 - Fun With Food
Issue #4 - December 2007

Fun With Food

(click cover to start)

Issue #3 - November 2007

The Mayflower Voyage

(click cover to start)

Issue #2 - October 2007

Simple Machines

(click cover to start)

Issue #1 - September 2007

Back To School

(click cover to start)

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