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Kiddix Products - linux operating system for children and educational magazine content
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Kiddix Platform - computing platform for children

Kiddix World Media - Educational Magazine for Kids

Kiddix Flash demo - the operating system for kids

Kiddix World sample issue, back to school

Kiddix, the power of computing for kids!


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Kiddix is a complete operating system built on Linux and Open Source Software designed just for kids!  Kiddix provides children with a customizable environment loaded with applications, games, and educational material.  We put parents in control with comprehensive parental controls that can lock down and monitor internet access and many other features of the OS.

Our passion is keeping kids safe while exposing them to the wonders of computing. 
Try Kiddix today and join thousands of satisfied users worldwide!

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Kiddix Platform - Operating System for Kids
Kiddix World - Educational Online Magazine for Children
  The Kiddix Platform provides a safe, secure, and fun environment for your children on your home PC.  Read more

Kiddix World brings the best of the internet to your children without the need to go online!  Read more

Kiddix Flash Demo - Children's safe computer software   Kiddix World Sample Issue - Educational content for home pc

See what people have been saying about Kiddix!

" This is one product that I recommend all parents should have available for their children."

~ MJ - MomViews -
"Parent approved kid tested reviews that you can trust"

MomViews - Trusted Parent Reviews

Kiddix featured on Wired
"Protect your kids from online threats while giving them a hand up on the educational ladder."

~ Jose Fermoso -

"From people I spoke to at OSCON who have kids that use it, they love it. The same kids who were puzzled by Windows XP picked Kiddix up right away."

~ Michael Calore -

Kiddix featured on Wired

PopCity - Pittsburgh Innovates
"As any good parent knows, the best thing to place between a child and the Internet is a brick wall.  That's the idea behind Kiddix Computing, a security-minded Pittsburgh-based firm."

~ Deb Smit - Pop City Media

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