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Kiddix Reviews
Dad - Alexandria, VA
"My wife and I bought the Kiddix operating system for our 8-year old boy a year ago and we are 100% thrilled! Kiddix is a complete operating system or can be easily loaded alongside traditional operating systems if that is more convenient. The program is spectacularly priced and includes a wide range of games and educational features that kids love. The colorful interface is inviting and the screen saver is the most amazingly artistic and eye-catching display that I have ever seen on a computer. I know what you are thinking...screen saver?....someone's getting excited about a screen saver? Trust me - it is so beautiful, I need to ask the developer how I can use it in my windows environment!

Kiddix was developed by individuals with a security background and is designed to shield children from much of the harmful content on the Internet. There is a parental login and parental controls which effortlessly allow adults to set up the system with exactly the kind of security and control which they require. Loading the software (especially the latest version) is very quick and easy. There are secure email options, word processing and a range of features which are all included in the price of the operating system. I loaded the program alongside Windows XP and that worked quite well, but I now have a computer for my son with Kiddix as the only operating system, becuase it works so well.

It is rare that I get so excited about a product, but I find myself talking about Kiddix to everyone I know, becaue I am so impressed. The customer service is excellent if you have any questions or issues; I can't imagine why anyone with a child younger than 14 would not love this product. As a parent, it is good to know that I am protecting and enhancing my child's environment with a product developed by a company that clearly cares about children. Way to go, Kiddix! I will continue to shout your praises from the rooftops!

If anyone would like to contact me to discuss my experience, I would be happy to provide my email address and phone number to Kiddix so that I can be a reference. Call Kiddix and ask for my email address!"

A Parent Happy With Kiddix
We had a very old laptop that my child used. I didn't want to buy another expensive annual anti-virus subscription just for that computer. Kiddix solved the problem. What appealed to me is that Kiddix is inherently safe- almost all viruses are written for the Microsoft platform. Also, since this was a child's laptop, I really liked the control I had over what she might accidentally encounter while surfing the web. She loves the games and graphics that come with the platform. This computer is used for her on-line school curriculum. There were a few issues with setting it up so that her school programs would work- but every time I had a question- customer service got back to me within 24 hours with a useful solution. I've never had better customer service from anything I've ever purchased. I have been very impressed!

Dad - Denver, CO
"We love this product for our 5 year old. She has learned a lot about navigating a computer environment and still has access to traditional web-based programs (Nick and Webkinz). I love that the platform creates a safe and secure area for me to monitor and configure while also being able to use the laptop for business purposes without fear of child tampering of the windows platform or important files."

Dad - Pittsburgh, PA
"My children have been using Kiddix for the last several months.  Kiddix is unique in that it is an operating system separate from your main operating system, meaning that your files are out of reach from accidental deletion, downloaded viruses, and the like.  It is fairly simple to set up with different layers of complexity such that it is appropriate for all levels of users, from novice to advanced.  My kids enjoy the paint program and the word processor the most, but it also comes with many games (both arcade and educational) as well as a web browser, email, and a calendar.  The email and web browser have many different security options, making sure that parents can feel comfortable with their kids surfing the internet unattended.  While it can take a few steps to set up the software, the people at Kiddix have always been helpful and very prompt with help requests.  Overall, Kiddix is a good program for children as they can learn how to use computers in a safe environment."

Dad - Sewickley, PA
"We wanted to setup a separate computer for our 9 year old child that would allow them to use the computer as tool for learning and finding information on the internet as well as a tool to access online and other computer games.  Along with this, we wanted to make sure that our daughter was safe from predators, inappropriate content and the computer was protected from viruses.  Kiddix was the answer to what we were looking for, was easy to install, and we were up and running in a few minutes.  Our child loves the different games (even the educational ones) as well as the fact that she can go to look things up on the Internet and email her Aunts, Uncles and Grand Parents."

A Dad Happy With Kiddix
"I have 5 children between the ages of 12 and 3...and each of them like to tinker with the computer. Kiddix enables the youngest ones to enjoy a safe environment that makes sense to them. They know how to boot their computer into Kiddix (Win NT is also installed) log in under their individual IDs, and access the programs that they like. The paint program and the games are most popular with the younger ones. They also like to explore the various parts Kiddix and the Web...and it is good to know that I don't have to look over their shoulders constantly.  It was easy to install, and runs nicely alongside Windows NT. I haven't tried it on a Vista machine.  This is a great product for younger kids (most popular in my house with my 5 year old twins). I hope a pre-teen and adolescent version is in the works."

Dad - Wilkinsburg, PA
"We have been using Kiddix for quite a few months now. This is a very good piece of software for our kids. It is easy to set up and easy for them to use. The developers always appreciate feedback and incorporate suggestions into future versions. My kids especially like the paint program and surfing the web. With all the various idiot-proof filters I know they will be safe when using Kiddix and I know all my data in Windows will be 100% safe too."

A Satisfied Kiddix Customer
"I don't have kids, but I have friends and sisters who do, and I'm always the person they call when their kids manage to mess up their machines. Deleted files, infested spyware, useless and memory hogging and these things go together and since I'm "the computer person," it's usually my job to fix what's broken.  I got Kiddix for my most troublesome kid-friend and her frustrated mom, and I haven't been bugged to "debug" their machine since. This makes me very happy.  The install was pretty painless, and my friend set it all up for her daughter pretty quickly.  It would be great if there were a version for 12 year old boys...can't believe the stuff they "accidentally" download."

Mom - Morris County, NJ
"Kiddix is brilliant in this day and age!"

Other Satisfied Kiddix Customers

"I just bought Kiddix a few weeks ago for my son and I LOVE it!"

"Very fast shipping and the best customer service I've ever experienced."

"On time, and when I had a few questions, the response was almost immediate and completely had me up and running right away. Very good experience."

"Amazing support! Love this product. Long term product use. We had some wireless setup issues and when I emailed the installation issues, we had immediate call back and setup remote support!!"

"The software is up and running , my son loves the platform and I have some peace of mind."

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